About Z

Who Am I?   – – Technology Artist – –  

Clairvoyant. Precise. Sputnik. Man. Woman. Me. You. Us. Warrior. Peace-fighter. Sky and Sand. Whacky. Dropout. Bangarang. Ultra-liberal. Ultra-conservative. SW. Trekkie. Meat-eater. Ruffneck. Bass. Music 0-24. Lego. Mermen. Crazy Driver. Giraffe. Trolley Car, A Great Yellow One. Extroverted introvert. (in)Tolerant. Self-Controversial. Sunshine. Comrade. Thinking Big. Decent Half-God Complexed. I’m The Chosen One! It is all me.

I’m not insane, my mother had me tested.

My mission is to develop core technologies and products that are as simple to use as a pencil. With technology, ideas and the manifestation of these thoughts, my goal is to change the world. It is because of this desire, I became a serial entrepreneur. I’m working on making my visions come to life, at Sputnik Goods.

To those interested in official boring shit about me, you can look at my LinkedIn profile. To those who would like to get to know me, stay here. Carry on reading…

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